K.M. – “I was suggested to go to GenPsych by jersey shore hospital and do not regret the advice everyone has given me. I was very pleased with the positive attitude of the staff, the organization of the entire process, the willingness of the entire place to help me get better. If anyone is suffering or anyone you know is suffering from mental health issues, substance abuse issues or just need to find place that will listen to what problems you have going on I strongly recommend you check out GenPysch in Brick or any of their other locations. I will be informing anyone that I know or asked for advice of where to go to get the help that I got! First class, A+, well run company for any of your problems or concerns.”


K.N. – The program at GynPsych is absolutely a godsend. The second we walked in we felt at home. They welcomed us with open arms and immediately made us feel confident that we will get the help we need. The receptionist Lisa is such a sweet caring woman and did whatever she could to accommodate us with what ever we needed. Dr. Evelyn has a heart of gold and truly cares for each patient and wants only the best for them, she thrives on seeing them succeed. My child’s therapist was Jim, he was able to get my daughter to communicate and work on her problems, which is incredible. She has never been able to open up to anyone and Jim made that happen. My daughter was struggling with anxiety and depression, and I really feel without this program and the amazing dr’s and therapist that worked with her she would not be where she is today. I saw a completely different child when she graduated. She feels like she has a purpose now, she smiles and knows her self-worth. I also have to say thank you to the caring teachers and techs that worked with my daughter as well. My child enjoyed learning thanks to them. They made her see how smart she really is and showed her how much she could achieve. I like to say they were her wings until she learned to fly. Thank you to everyone at GenPsych for making such a positive change in our lives.


Ernst P. – “I would like to thank you and the wonderful two people on your staff; Cindy & Rachel. They were the most caring and supportive people I have ever met and took time out many times when I had a problem, to help me through it and made sure I was safe and feeling better before sending me home. I have been in other treatment centers and believe they should have more people like them in all facilities.

Thank you for the care I received and I am able to move forward now in my recovery.”


A.P. – “I was a client in the DBT program. When I first started program, I really didn’t want to be there. I was really only there because my family made me. The staff was nice enough but I just really wasn’t motivated. After a while, I started to learn more about myself and why I do what I do. I can honestly say that GenPsych saved my life.”


J.R. – “I was recently a patient in the Outpatient Detox Program. It was the best choice I could have made. I’ve done inpatient detox a bunch of times and really didn’t want to do it again. At GenPsych, I was able to go and get meds during the day, do a couple of groups and go home at night. The staff was cool, the food alright but I wish they had better movies to watch.”

L.L.– “This place is awesome. I’ve been to other treatment facilities in NJ and have been in and out of hospitals. This was the first time I actually felt heard and respected.”


A.R. – “My 9 year old daughter was in the Children’s program at GenPsych. She was getting extremely angry all the time and had difficulty attending school. Abby’s therapist really made us feel as if we were a priority, even though I know she had other clients to see. I’m so grateful that I have my little girl back. I would recommend this place to anyone.”


Jack C – “I was in the substance abuse program in Bridgewater. My therapist, Michael Solinski was unbelievable. I’ve been in a number of programs over the years. I don’t know if was me that changed or that I finally got the help I needed. It was a comfortable atmosphere, the docs were good and the food was pretty great too. They order from a local pizza place.”

R.R.- “I was in the teen program in Bridgewater. The people there were cool. You have to turn in your phone during group but I got used to it. I was suicidal before but now I’m not. I’d go back if I had to.”


C.B. – “After my divorce, I fell into a deep depression. I really didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. I had a suicide attempt and was hospitalized for about a week. The hospital referred me to GenPsych and things started to turn around. The staff was friendly, the groups were helpful and now I’m finally feeling better. Thanks, GenPsych!”


J.R.– “I’ve been in and out of treatment programs since I was 14 years old. Now, at 34, I’m finally getting the help that I need. Finally, I have therapists that actually listen to me. I would recommend GenPsych to anyone who has tried other facilities and haven’t gotten results. The front desk staff is friendly. Even the van driver was a nice guy. Also, the psychiatrists finally got my meds right.”


B.O. – “I’ve been struggling with an Opiate addiction for 3 years now. I started in the outpatient detox program and then did a partial care and IOP program. I’m feeling much better now and am grateful to be alive. The staff at GenPsych truly saved my life. I have no idea if I’d be alive without them. There were ups and downs and sometimes I wasn’t the easiest person to deal with, but they were patient with me and explained the process all the way through. The groups were awesome too!”


K.G.- “Finally a facility that actually cares about their patients!!! I actually felt like a real person at GenPsych, not just a number. The days there are pretty cool. I had a bunch of groups, met with my therapist individually, met with my doctor individually and was around people with similar struggles as me. They even offered me transportation which was great because I don’t drive. This place made my life better.”


R.C. –  “I suffer from a significant amount of trauma. I was at the point that I was thinking about taking my own life. Thanks God, my mother forced me into treatment. I was resistant at first, but the counselors were patient with me. I don’t feel 100% better but I want to live today. I have GenPsych to thank for that.”

E.B.- “I was a patient in the eating disorder program. I think they call it HEAL. Cheryl Jensen was my therapist and I just want to thank her for all that she did for me. The environment was comfortable and non-judgmental and the people there (staff and clients) were really nice. I feel like I really got some personal attention while I was there. The doctor was really good too but I can’t remember her name.”


J.C.– “If you need help for depression or anxiety, this is where you should go. I’ve been to other programs before, but never really go much better. The counselors here now what they’re doing and all of them have a ton of experience. The doctors were ok…but they’re doctors…What do you expect. Either way, I would recommend GenPsych. Lunch is good too.”


B.R. – “GenPsych saved my life!!! After losing my job, I fell into a deep depression. This place was able to help me. I really liked the groups. The counselors were engaging and even the front desk staff was friendly. They even had pet therapy!”


S.E. – “Awesome therapists. Awesome Docs. Awesome groups… Ok lunch.”


S.H.– “I brought my daughter in for an intake and had a really good experience. I was really nervous because I’ve never been through anything like this before. We checked in at the front desk and was greeted by a nice woman who offered us tea or coffee. She sat down and explained everything to us and made us feel very comfortable. My daughter would not talk at first, but after some time she finally began to talk about her problems. I’m so grateful to have a facility like this in our community.”


J.P – “My dad was a patient here. He used to drink a lot and we didn’t have much of a relationship. After having multiple family sessions, my dad got sober and we finally had a relationship again. They treated us with respect and really guided us to a path that we could learn to love each other again.”


S.L. – “Group members here are motivated for treatment. I was in their DBT program and learned the skills necessary to cope with my anxiety during the day. It was so bad that I couldn’t hold a job down. I don’t feel 100% better but I’m now able to work. I like that they brought my family members in to work on their stuff too, but gave me the choice if I wanted them involved or not. I would recommend GenPsych to anyone who needs help.”


R.R.- “Therapists are really knowledgeable. Doctors and APNs have good bedside manner. Groups are informative and engaging. This place is a class act.”


C.K.- “This place is amazing! For the first time in my life, I feel as if my feelings are being validated. I struggled with self harm for a number of years and because of my therapist at GenPsych, I haven’t cut in over 3 months. It’s the longest I’ve ever gone. I thank the knowledgeable therapists and doctors for the support they offered while I was there. If you need help, go here.”

V.C.- “I’ve actually been here twice. Once as a teen and once as an adult. Sometimes it takes a couple tries to get things right. When I returned two years later, the staff actually remembered who I was. There were no judgements and the groups were unbelievable. I highly recommend GenPsych!”

“Staff was friendly and helpful. Rob the administrator was very accommodating and was able to see me every time i asked for him and had all the answers to my questions. He was able to work with my payments to what i could afford. The front desk people were very nice especially Gemma. I got a lot out of this program and it help me with dealing with my issues. I would strongly recommend to anyone who is in need of help.”

“GenPsych really helped me. I got so much better being there. The staff is great. The program is really organized and structured and the staff is very helpful.”

“The director Rob Zacchia was helpful and informative in explaining my benefits and working with me with my copays. He was available to answer any questions about my bill. The front desk person Gemma was very nice and helpful. I enjoyed my experience at GenPsych and felt I got a lot out of it and it has helped me with my depression and anxiety.”

“Excellent therapists and staff. Overall great experience and everyone was so kind and caring.”

“I recommend the DBT program. I like the structure and the homework. It helped me with my issues.”

“I was skeptical about coming to a program. I was greeted right away by the front desk who were so kind in answering my questions. I had issues with my insurance and was able to work with Rob so that I could do program. Danielle was a great therapist who helped me with the DBT and addressing my issues. I feel that I have progress while I was in program and I highly recommend GenPsych to anyone who is experiencing any type of issues. This is a very nice and comfortable environment and all the staff are very nurturing and compassionate about working with us clients.”

“Dr. Rosti and Jessica really helped me while I was in program. Dr. Rosti takes his time with me in the med sessions, and I don’t feel rushed. Jessica was a great therapist. I know that she is the director and she is always running around helping everyone, but anytime I needed her she made time for me. I like that she met with me at my intake and talked to me about the program. I have been to places where they just throw you into the groups without getting any info. She takes the time to get to know you first. Even people that aren’t her clients go to her for help, and she always helps them. The rest of the staff is really awesome too. They know their stuff.”

“Everyone was super sweet and this program helped me very much!! :)”

“Thankful for everyone at this program, so glad I went here for help and met the amazing people i did :)”

“I loved being in this program. Everyone was supportive and helpful with my treatment. I loved the staff and how attentive they were with groups and helping others. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who needs it. Thank you to everyone!”

“I am very appreciative of the staff at GenPsych. I was hesitant about starting program and met with director Rob who spent a lot of time with me and my family explaining program and the cost. He was able to work it out to where we could afford to have me come. He always has an open door policy and is available when you need him. Alyssa was awesome and was a great therapist. Overall the staff was very friendly and I feel that I got a lot out of program.”

“Kim is a fantastic Therapist. I would recommend her to anyone who is going through troubles. She is very knowledgeable about copping mechanism. And I can’t thank her enough for all the support and relief she helped me with.”

“I feel better than I have in 45 years, thanks to this program. I got more out of than I could have hoped for. I would make a commercial for this program!!”

“You have helped me out immensely with my PTSD, anxiety, and other conditions. I cannot express my satisfaction enough. This has become a place of healing for me. Thank you.”

“This program and the staff is absolutely phenomenal. I’m so glad I decided to come to this program.”

“Meeting and working with Rachel and Danielle were probably the best thing to ever happen to me. They will forever hold a huge place in my heart. They have saved my life and got me through some of my worst crisis’ I recommend this place to everyone in my path. GenPsych is the best thing to ever happen to me.”

“My experience here has been very good and I hope to go on positively with the things I have learned here. I give exceptional reviews to Mike and Jenn the T.A, as well as my amazing therapist Mike, who I give great credit to and thanks for improving my mood every day and having me feel way better whenever I see them!”

“I would like to thank my therapist Danielle for helping me deal with my anxiety. When I first came in I was highly anxious but was provided with compassion from the director Rob who met with me and was able to work out my benefits that would allow me to do treatment. I had a great overall experience and feel I am better.”

“GenPsych helped me get my life back. Thank you.”

“I have been to other programs before but none have given me the experience I have had at GenPsych. I was desperate to come to a program and the director Rob was able to get me in sooner than my original appt date and I was greeted by warm friendly staff. Jessica the program director helped with my anxiety when I came in. My therapist Megan was very nurturing and listened to my problems and was able to help me come up with ways to handle my anxiety. I was put on good meds that allowed me to go back to work and function. I hope that these people are recognized for going above and beyond to help me because I know I am a difficult person to handle. I am so grateful for the amazing experience I had and will def recommend to anyone who needs help.”

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I feel that Kim was a great therapist who was very easy to talk to. I appreciate the time she took with me. Very professional. THANKS SO MUCH.”

“At first, I was so incredibly hesitant to enroll in this IOP and unsure of my future. The program and therapists at GenPsych Brick have more than exceeded my expectations. After 5 weeks, I am feeling so much better mentally and confident about myself and my recovery. I am excited to apply all I have learned to “real life.” I actually don’t want to leave :-)”

“Everyone has been very helpful at GenPsych: therapists, my psychiatrist, the staff, and the interns as well. Maeve is very nice and kind, Ray is a cool person too Nicole is very sweet and a great listener, as is Kelsey. They’ve all helped me in their own way, along with myself and the groups, to become a better person.”

“The program is wonderful. I have learned so much about myself and how to cope in situations that previously i would have fallen apart. I am sad to leave but I will continue to use all the skills I have learned here to continue to improve.”

“Good job to my Therapist (Aurora). She’s very knowledgeable and very professional with her approach. The front desk has also been very helpful with any admin requests I may have.”

“I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today if it wasn’t for the therapists, prescribers and treatment here at GenPsych. I am very grateful for the care that I have been receiving.”

“Very helpful program – I could tell the staff is very involved and devoted to each individuals progress. The skills I learned were practical and useful!”

“Nicole Jackie and Barbara were all really sweet and helpful.”

“All staff were nice and caring, I loved having then through my journey!”

“Sam, Felicia, and Reneasha are the BEST techs ever. I love each of them! They were very attentive and caring. I am going to miss them dearly.”

“Excellent experience with well rounded program.”

“I really appreciate the work Jackie Kerwin did with me towards sober living I believe she played a large role in not only my success but more importantly the bigger picture of the importance of sobriety in my life and setting goals to maintain my sober success. I cannot truly thank her enough for what she has not only done for me but my family. Jackie has given me a second chance at life through a clean lens both sober and more mature. This program revolutionized my thinking and way I live my life for the best.”

“I wasn’t very open to coming here for treatment in the sense that I didn’t want to stop going to work and only be in treatment. However, by the time I calmed down and understood why I needed to be here I was happy that I was given the option of removing myself from the “real” world. I appreciate all the help I was given and learned a whole bunch of new things that I am going to take with me into the “real” world. Thank you.”

“Jackie is a wonderful therapist and has helped me a lot.”

“I have had the most wonderful experience at Genpsych. When I started the program I was lost and depressed and did not know how to cope. 15 weeks later I am so much better and can cope with even the worst situations now and my children. I have respect for myself and my children have a new found respect for me as well. Thank you so much to EVERYONE!!!”

“It is a nice calm place with no judgments. I met lots of people and helped them try to get better.I think it is safe it is clean. So in my opinion i think it is a great place to recover from my problems.”

“The staff ranging from the therapists and psychiatrists to the techs were all very professional and attentive to my concerns. I was close-minded when I initially came into program, but everyone was so welcoming and helped me transition and see things from a different perspective. Although being at program is the last thing I want, it is a very insightful program that I am appreciative for.”

“Thank you for all your help!”

“I have never been so comfortable with expressing my feelings before like being here. Everyone here is so sweet and understanding. It’s very hard finding and being able to bond with your therapist because some may not be the type who can fully understand you. But everyone here is a team and I really love and look up to this place. I look forward to coming and getting up everyday and meeting such wonderful people. It’s sad to see some clients come and go, i miss every single person that leaves. But I am also very proud of myself growing and going into a better mental state that i was in comparison to a couple months ago. I have learned so much from my surroundings and my therapist has taught me so much from coping skills, to loving myself. Every day coming here means something new will happen. Everyone here is so respectful and professional. Not ONE staff member that works here has given me bad vibes. Who ever hires these people for sure does an excellent job. I have so much to say about everyone here… THANK YOU EVERYONE IN GENPSYCH <3”

“I am alive because of this program. I owe a lot to everyone at this facility.”

“Thank you for helping me get through my problems :)”

“This place has a very friendly atmosphere. Everyone here is super caring and has a genuine concern about their patients. I would highly recommend this location. The techs know how to handle a wide variety of situations and it’s so amazing knowing you really can trust them. Therapists are very easing going and they aren’t just therapist they talk to the clients and make a real connection with each even with some that aren’t their clients.”

“Awesome staff that have impacted my recovery in a positive Manner. Dr. A., Kelly C., Celeste, Mike, Joe, Kelly (Nurse), Linda, Myriam, Renetia, and Theresa, Tina (at the front desk and Debra. Thanks for taking care of me.”

“Staff willing to accommodate my work schedule. Groups are small and well organized. Facilitators guide the groups well. Good integration of 12 step and CBT theories. I feel I am absolutely on the road to recovery with the help of the team.”

“Jackie, James, Linda and Both Kelly’s were wonderful during my entire treatment at the facility. James, Linda and Kelly were great at leading group sessions and Nurse Kelly was awesome in explaining all medications and answering any questions. Jackie was great at my individual sessions and really took the time to get to know me and help me through my addiction. Linda always took the time to help with whatever the situation was and was awesome to work with. James was a great facilitator and really took the time to get to know the patients and help them with their issues. Kelly the facilitator was great at leading groups, she was a great therapist and she took the time to let everyone be heard.”

“I love my therapist. Margaret is by far the best therapist I have ever seen. She is amazing at listening to my concerns and working with me to find ways to deal with my depression and stress. She treats me like an adult and clearly explains the scientific and logical reasoning behind all her advice. She goes above and beyond by suggesting tests and strategies as well as actively requesting my psychiatrist meet with me. I feel like she really cares about me, and I think, out of everything in this program, she has helped me the most.”

“Fantastic program!!! I received the level of care that was expected.”

“The group facilitators were competent, committed, consistent, and caring.”

“This place, GenPsych, has changed my life for the better and i would absolutely recommend it!!! Thank you to all its members and staff that have helped me through! (:”

“Thanks for everything, means more than you guys could imagine. Forever grateful for all.”

“This program has helped me more than I could have possibly anticipated. I feel like my life is getting back on track and I accredit so much of that to my time here.”

“I love the DBT program. Katherine is amazing and I am learning so much. Lifesavers. Literally.”

“This is a great program, I would recommend this to any individual, this program has a lot to offer. They’re very helpful with any dis order you have. The staff is phenomenal.”

“Had I not found this program, I would not have had the improvements that I made . It made a significant difference in a life worth living.”

“It’s a great program Alexa is amazing.”

“Thank you for a wonderful program. The subject matter was excellent and the staff was great.”

“This program was amazing. I am so thankful that I got to be a part of this wonderful program. THANK YOU MANNY AND THE STAFF AT GENPSYCH!”

“This program truly saved my life. When I started, I was at rock bottom and the skills I have learned from Manny and the program have saved me. This program made me realize the answer is not in a pill.”

“Jennifer displayed compassionate care towards my treatment. She really expressed genuine concern about me improving. I felt like she understood what I needed and was thoroughly competent in helping me. I would definitely recommend her. She is excellent and for once I have hope. Johnson, NP, is a very knowledgeable as a provider. He listened to my concerns as a patient and took the time to explain my medications. I feel comfortable with him providing psychiatric care for me, and I am delighted to still have him as a provider following the IOP program.”

“Jennifer Unger took so much time to elucidate me as to the nature of my issues. She is a one of a kind therapist who seems to get to the heart of the matter effortlessly. Always in the moment and helpful, she’s been instrumental in my recovery.”

“The intensive outpatient therapy that GenPsych provider was a lifesaver for me. I appreciated learning strategies and skills to cope with my issues from the facilitators. I also learned from other clients’ processing sessions and discussions. I appreciate the enormous amount of time that both my prescriber and therapist spent with me. I would highly recommend this program to anyone suffering with mental health issues. It becomes a home away from home, and safe respite while medications are becoming effective. Both clients and staff were extremely supportive and helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I am very thankful for GenPsych.”

“I can’t say enough good things about both Jen and Alexa as counselors. They have been extremely helpful and have a very compassionate approach. The are excellent at their jobs. Elina as well has been a big asset to my treatment goals — she’s knowledgable and compassionate and thorough.”

“My therapist Jenn was really understanding. She made me feel comfortable and like I could tell her anything. I was supported and made to feel like I could apply skills learned. I feel better. I would recommend her to anyone.”

“GenPsych has been a transformative experience for me, I am full of gratitude for all those involved in my treatment, most notably Jennifer Unger and Alexa Pallay, they have taught me more than I can even describe and I give them my highest praise and then some.”

“Staff was VERY knowledgeable and approachable. Always willing to help and were available all the time with phone coaching. Will highly recommend this program to others.”

“Jennifer and Alexa were pivotal on my recovery and I can’t thank them enough. I wish them the best I will miss them.”

“I felt that Lesley was an amazing therapist. She and Amanda who does groups really care. I came from an another program and feel that they care about my well being.”

“Out of all the programs/ therapists I’ve been to in my 10 years of being in therapy, I’m glad to say that Genpsych’s DBT program and staff have helped me change my life. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get better in recovery. The staff are super attentive to your needs and my therapist has been absolutely the best. Catherine, Elissa, Manny and Felicia are, without a doubt, some of the most understanding and caring therapists at the program. Thank you GenPsych.”

“This program changed my life, and has made me able to function. With the help of all of the excellent DBT & CBT therapists (Elissa, Catherine, Manny, Felicia, Jenn and Alexa), I can now resume life as normal after graduating and am able to function. This program saved my life.”

“Jenn is a great therapist. She is very caring. Each staff member was helpful and engaging. They were like cheerleaders in my corner. Thanks.”

“Jenifer Unger is very good listener and tries very hard to understand me. She is very knowledgeable and offers very useful feedback. I would definitely recommend her and would seek her out if any of my issues were to reoccur.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program and my therapy sessions were very much looked forward to.”

“This program helped me to get through a difficult time. I was treated with respect and helped a great deal to cope with the anxiety I was feeling. I would recommend this program to others.”

“Upon entering GenPsych PC in Livingston, NJ I was feeling quite hopeless. I had over 4 years of therapy and little results. That is to say, I had no means of coping with the distress I felt in my life. I was constantly overcome by daily struggles. These struggles included limited self-care such as hygiene, but they extended into deeper concerns. I would cry in the middle of my day. I would panic over a single comment and be unable to catch my breath. I cannot say that after completing this program that I am “cured.” However, I do not believe that is the purpose. I believe that the purpose was to make my life functional. This program has done just that. I was never disappointed by a group’s facilitator. I managed to always learn something in every group. I know this sounds like an exaggeration, but I can sincerely say that I have absorbed something each session, each day. This proved to be true in that now when faced with struggles, because they are going to happen, I am able to go back to what I was taught and utilize my skill set. I am more aware than I was before. I am the same me, just a me that is a person with agency. I would highly recommend this facility and this staff specifically because each member was immensely helpful in my process to progressing.”

“I was looking for a group like this and am very happy that your was recommended to me.”

“In 16 years of treatment for depression, I have never had a therapist as caring, committed and concerned as Nicole. The trust I built with her is something I’ve never experienced before in a therapeutic setting. Without a doubt, she was the most integral part (besides myself) of my success here.”

“Nicole Hardy was the BEST therapist I have ever had in my years of looking for a therapist. She looked into my illnesses (even one she wasn’t too familiar with), and made sure she put me on a path that would stabilize them all. She challenged me, she reassured me, she made me laugh, she made me cry and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I am going to miss her so much!”

“My therapist is the ABSOLUTE AMAZING therapist I have EVER worked with!! I was completely comfortable talking to her about all of my issues with complete honesty and had 100% trust in her full interest in my growth, well-being, and moving towards a life worth living!!!”

“I loved this program mostly due to the other kids that where here. They made me feel welcomed and like I fit in with some kind of group, even if it really was not for a good reason. I honestly wanted to thank the staff for all of the help that I was given and hopefully I will be better now that I am leaving the program.”

“GenPsych is a very good place. The staff here want you to do good and be more happy and I have improved at my issues and I thank everyone here for the help.”

“I had fun here at GenPsych, because they made it fun to learn more skills. Overall, I loved the program everyone was so nice and kind!”

“It was an amazing experience. Each and every one of the members of staff were helpful in one way or another. My favorite part of GenPsych is the environment they have to offer here.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program and my therapy sessions were very much looked forward to.”

“I’ve only been at the program for a little while, but Mr. Jim and the rest of the staff are very good. The program is nice and clean, the staff listens and I like the groups very much. I would like to come here for a very long time.”

“My therapist helped me so much when i had my episodes here. She took time to meet with me every day and taught me how to reality check. I am happy i got my meds figured out.”

“Esha was fabulous! I will miss her, but she and the staff helped prepare me for the treatment that I need after I leave here. Thank you!!!”