Women and Substance Abuse

Substance abuse does not discriminate.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects people of all ages, ethnicities, and genders. However, it does affect individuals in varying degrees and in different ways.

When comparing addiction by gender, men demonstrate a much higher risk than women. They are twice as likely to become dependent on alcohol and show higher numbers of prescription drug abuse.

Men also outnumber their female counterparts when it comes to receiving substance abuse treatment.

This may be because women are more likely than men to abuse substances due to a different co-occurring or primary disorder, such as depression or an eating disorder, for which they seek help.

[W]omen often get referred for treatment in relation to other problems. These may include family or children court orders or as a step in counseling for other emotional or mental health issues. (alcoholrehab.com)

In a study of young women, those who reported persistent feelings of sadness or suffered from an eating disorder were more likely to engage in drug and alcohol abuse.

The health effects of addiction also vary for women. Excessive drinking has been linked to breast cancer and female infertility. Young women, especially, suffer from greater levels of brain damage when abusing drugs than their male counterparts.

Women who struggle with addiction are also more likely to participate in high-risk sex and to contract sexually transmitted diseases.

GenPsych Substance Abuse Programs

GenPsych, PC offers a variety of substance abuse treatment programs for those struggling with addiction in New Jersey. These programs cover various levels of care and mental health needs, including the treatment of co-occurring disorders.

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Adult Substance Abuse Program

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