What Are Symptoms of Depression in Children and Teens? [infographic]

The Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI) is a widely-used psychological assessment that measures the severity of symptoms related to depression in children and adolescents.

CDI consists of 27 assessment statements that are grouped into five major factor areas. Children/teens rate themselves based on how they feel and think, with each statement being identified with a rating from 0 to 2.

Some sample assessment statements are:

  • I do not have any friends.

  • I never have fun at school.

  • I feel like crying everyday.

  • All bad things are my fault.

  • Most days I do not feel like eating.

  • I have to push myself all the time to do my schoolwork.

As shown in the infographic below, these statements are grouped into five factor areas, which include anhedonia, negative self-esteem, ineffectiveness, interpersonal problems and negative mood.


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