Useful Tips to Help Avoid Alcohol Problems During the Holidays

During the holidays alcohol can cause problems. Follow these few tips to help avoid some of these issues:

  1. Just say no – Resist the pressure to drink or serve alcohol at every social event. Just because it’s there does not require that you drink it. There is no law stating that alcohol is a necessary ingredient for holiday cheer. Don’t feel like you have to drink just because your host offers — it’s not rude to choose a non-alcoholic beverage instead.

  2. Offer nonalcoholic beverages – If you want to serve alcohol to your guests, offer nonalcoholic beverages as well. Make your guest feel as comfortable choosing a nonalcoholic beverage as he would choosing alcohol. You can do this by putting nonalcoholic drinks in a prominent, easily accessible place and by asking guests what they would like to drink, instead of pointing them to the bar or handing them an alcoholic drink when they arrive.

  3. Designate a driver before the party begins – If you or your friends are going to a party and plan to drink, decide in advance who will be the designated driver. Decide that drinking and driving is not an option.

  4. Choose your number ahead of time – If you are going to drink, do what responsible drinkers do. Decide ahead of time how many drinks you will have and stick to it. A blood alcohol content chart can help you understand the relationship between the amount of drinks, blood alcohol content and level of impairment.

  5. Remember that alcohol is a complement, not the purpose – Sometimes we lose sight of a holiday celebration or party and see it as a chance or opportunity to drink socially. While it is such an opportunity, the main purpose of a party is to have fun with people you know. Drinking is always an option and optional, and it is as much as a choice as it is a responsibility. Keep this in mind throughout the night. If you find yourself going overboard, find a friend or loved one, and explain you’d like to go home. You can stop yourself before you go too far, you just need to choose to do so.

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