The Treatment Assessment Session

What Happens During the Treatment Assessment Session?

January 2017 Genpsych

The treatment assessment session.

When an adult or adolescent decides to seek professional help for substance abuse, the first step in the process is an assessment. An assessment will evaluate a person’s individual needs and the level of care needed to start recovery.

The goal of the assessment is to determine treatment options and provide recommendations. During the assessment topics such as medical history, mental health, and substance abuse will be discussed. The potential patient’s age, gender, and cultural background will also be considered.

In most cases, the treatment assessment is about 90 minutes. The other parts, the physical exam is 60 minutes, and the psychiatric evaluations are usually 2 hours. Parents need to attend an adolescent assessment.

Substance Abuse Assessment A substance abuse assessment will provide the treatment center an overall view of a person’s substance abuse disorder. During this part of the evaluation, a complete history of drug and alcohol use will be discussed. Which include:

  • How much alcohol and drugs are you consuming

  • All substances currently being abused and which were abused in the past

  • How long has the person been drinking or taking drugs

  • When was the last drink or drug was taken

  • Any past treatment attempts

  • Any withdrawal history

The physical assessment A physical exam will provide the treatment center with a complete picture of the person’s medical condition. When substance abuse is involved, this exam will help identify and withdrawal symptoms. A drug and alcohol test will be administered to see what substances are currently in the system.

Other medical conditions such as STD, other infectious diseases, blood count, electrolyte levels and major organ function will also be checked.

The mental health assessment will provide the treatment center a complete picture of a person’s psychiatric condition. The healthcare professional will ask questions to determine the person’s emotional state, how clearly they are thinking, their reasoning and ability to remember.

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Treatment Assessment Session

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