Telehealth: How to Connect With Your Doctor Virtually

Let’s face it. Technology can fail or become disrupted. Read and heed the following tips to ensure consistency and continuity of your telehealth service. Plan for alternative communication should technology fail.

Telehealth Etiquette

  • Be on time. It is helpful to start up your session 5 minutes prior to your time session.

  • Limited distractions during the session such as mute your cell phone and put it facedown.

  • Quiet all alerts on your computer during sessions.

  • Allow for delays in communication transmission. You and your provider may need to “pause” between comments to avoid interruptions and ensure accurate communication.

  • Be willing, patience courteous and kind!

Computer Hygiene Habits

Computer hygiene habits are ways to keep the counseling session most convenient, effective and ensure quality time and care.

  • Close unnecessary applications

  • Minimize use of other software during video sessions

  • Restart your computer daily

  • Only open the browser tab that is related to the video session

  • Restart router periodically

  • Schedule software updates when not using the computer

  • Keep anit-virus current and on

  • Update software

  • Maintain high bandwidth

Preventable Measures and Resolving Tech Problems

  • Check loose chords

  • Reboot the device

  • Blank screen

  • move mouse key

  • verify computer screen is on

  • verify connection to internet

  • Jittery/Delayed Video: wait a moment to see if it resolves itself or reboot

  • Video and Audio Quality can be dependent on

  • Internet speed and router speed

  • #of users

  • usage of the internet

  • software or hardware

  • age of the computer

  • Video and Audio Resolutions

  • Check connections and logins

  • Restart router

  • Upgrade router

  • Use at low traffic times

  • Restart the call

  • Use of headphones.

Source: GenPsych Select. “Logistics & Etiquette.”


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