Staying sober during holidays and long summer weekends.

GenPsych May 2018

For those recovering from alcohol or drug abuse, staying focused and motivated can be an active and daily process.  Each day brings new experiences and challenges that require the strength and endurance to choose sobriety. While long summer weekends can be a joyful time of added support and positivity, it can also be filled with stress, temptation, and sadness. Staying sober during holidays and long summer weekends are an important step in your recovery.

Whatever your challenges may be, don’t let the holidays keep you from achieving your goals and living a clean and healthy life. Bring these tips with you through the winter season, and enjoy the holidays addiction-free.

  1. Finish/start the year strong. Actively think about and tell yourself how happy you are to be in recovery. Consider how good it will feel to finish your year sober, and to begin the next with a clean slate. Having these time goals will help to propel you through difficult times.

  2. Be prepared. When attending family/friend gatherings during the summer holidays, have an understanding of what the environment will be like before you get there. Recognize that others may not act in accordance with your plans, so try to surround yourself with people who understand your situation. Try to avoid environments where substance use will occur.

  3. Plan activities. Try to come up with things to do beyond sitting and chatting with family and friends. Keep busy with hobbies and group outings that will keep your mind and body focused on things other than using. Suggest games at parties or plan a trip to see a tree lighting.

  4. Talk about recovery. Speak comfortably and proudly about your recovery process. It is okay to tell others that you are in recovery or to tell them why you don’t want to toast with champagne. Discuss it openly with friends and relatives without fear of shame. This is an extremely positive decision that you have made, and one that you should embrace while with your loved ones.

  5. Continue treatment/meetings. If you are going to be local for the holidays, continue attending treatment and meetings as often as possible. Remember that your health and sobriety are paramount; you may be slowing down with work or other activities, but recovery shouldn’t be among them. If you’re traveling, find out where meetings are being held in the area, so that you can continue attending.

If you are not currently attending meetings or seeking treatment for substance abuse, the holidays and new year can be a great time to start. Seek the support of your loved ones and set goals to begin living your life clean.

Ambulatory Detox for Substance Abuse in NJ

If you or a loved one is in need of treatment and support for alcohol or drug addiction, GenPsych’s outpatient substance abuse services can help. Our Ambulatory Detox program provides a starting point for recovery, where patients receive transportation to and from our facility, where medically assisted detox takes place. For more information on our Ambulatory Detox program, click here.

Outpatient Substance Abuse Programs in NJ

Additional substance abuse programs are also available. These programs help to address the root of your addiction, while also treating any co-occurring mental health issues. We utilize a variety of treatment methods, including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to best address your needs during your recovery process. For more information on our substance abuse programs, click here.

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