Potential Causes of Suicide

Suicide is far more understandable than people think.”

Bridgewater, NJ (September 9, 2013) – The question as to why did that person commit suicide is always a mind-boggling thought.

In reality people who commit suicide deliver warning signs prior to their completion. According to Psychology Today, there are generally 6 reasons why people commit suicide:

  1. Depression – The number one cause for suicide. 15% of those who are clinically depressed die by suicide. People are deeply depressed will sometimes want to end their life to get rid of the misery they have felt for a long time.

  2. Other mental health disorders – For example patients with schizophrenia will say that voices tell them to perform these terrible acts.

  3. Impulsiveness – This typically involves substance abuse patients who generally only focus on suicide when they are drunk or high. Once they become sober, the person will not think of suicide as much.

  4. Crying out for help – Generally suicidal people are starving for attention for a long time. They feel that the only way they will be noticed is if they do something drastic such as suicide.

  5. “Logical” reason to die – Psychology Today states that, “The decision to commit suicide for some is based on a reasoned decision” Those who are contemplating suicide will sit down and draw up reasons why they should commit suicide. These reasons start to seem clear and in their minds, suicide is a justified task.

  6. They made a mistake – When someone makes a “big” mistake to the point where they will be facing serious consequences, such as incarceration, they opt to suicide as an escape from dealing with the repercussions.

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