Our Best Blogs for Alcohol Awareness Month

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Established in 1987, Alcohol Awareness Month aims to educate individuals about the alcohol and its effects as well as addiction and recovery options.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about the science of addiction, current epidemics, or available treatments, GenPsych has a blog for you this month.

Blogs for Ending the Stigma

3 Facts That Will Change The Way You Think About Addiction

Addiction is a mental illness. Unfortunately, many people see chemical dependency as a moral downfall. However, this idea is now overwhelmingly disputed by research.

Scientific evidence shows us that continued use of a substance can change how the brain functions, making that substance seem absolutely necessary to the body… [Read more]

Women and Substance Abuse

Substance abuse does not discriminate.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects people of all ages, ethnicities, and genders. However, it does affect individuals in varying degrees and in different ways… [Read more]

Blogs about Withdrawal

NJ Alcohol Detox: Withstanding Withdrawal Safely

Alcohol abuse affects each individual differently… About 90 percent of individuals struggling with alcohol abuse suffer mild withdrawal symptoms.

However, in the other 10 percent of alcohol detox cases, individuals will experience severe withdrawal symptoms… [Read more]

NJ Outpatient Suboxone Treatment Options

For people in the early stages of recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, withdrawal can be a major obstacle to overcome. Medications such as Suboxone can ease withdrawal symptoms and enable individuals to detox safely and comfortably… [Read more]

Blogs about Recovery & Ambulatory Detox

3 Reasons to Choose Outpatient Detox

When breaking the cycle of addiction, treatment must address both mental and physical health. During detoxification from drugs and alcohol, some may experience withdrawal symptoms, which can make quitting a strenuous process on the body. However, with medical assistance, detox is made safer and easier through clinical support and withdrawal medication… [Read more]

NJ Drug & Alcohol Detoxification: Is Ambulatory Detox Right for You?

In 2015, nearly 70,000 people in New Jersey received treatment for addiction (NJ State Department of Human Services). Countless more, however, did not receive the treatment that they needed to recover. NJ Drug & Alcohol Detoxification is the first step for individuals who are struggling with addiction… [Read more]

Substance Abuse Programs at GenPsych

At GenPsych, we offer Partial Care and Intensive Outpatient Programs for adults in recovery from substance abuse. We also have an Ambulatory Detoxification Program that allows individuals to detox from any substance during the day while returning to their lives and families in the evening.

All private insurances are accepted. Same-day appointments and transportation are available. For more information on our substance abuse and detox programs or to schedule an appointment, call (855) 436-7792.