NJ Outpatient Suboxone Treatment Options

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For people in the early stages of recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, withdrawal can be a major obstacle to overcome. Medications such as Suboxone can ease withdrawal symptoms and enable individuals to detox safely and comfortably. Learn more about NJ Outpatient Suboxone Treatment below.

GenPsych Adult Substance Abuse Programs

GenPsych is a licensed Suboxone provider, and offers medically assisted detoxification to adults in our program.

Ambulatory Detox

For individuals who are still actively using addictive substances, detox is the first step to recovery. GenPsych offers a daily outpatient detox program where clients can come during the day and receive withdrawal medication, such as Suboxone and Vivitrol, to ease symptoms.

Upon admission, clients will be evaluated by a psychiatrist who will be able to determine any co-occurring disorders that should also be treated.

We provide a relaxing and judgment-free environment to safely detox from drugs or alcohol. Clients are monitored and participate in groups throughout the week. Ambulatory Detox is currently available at our Bridgewater location.

Learn more about Ambulatory Detox here.

Adult Substance Abuse Programs

Once detox has been completed, remaining sober is the next step. Through participation in Partial Care (PC) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis programming, clients gain the skills and support they need to have a successful recovery.

Our Adult Substance Abuse and Dual Diagnosis track and Suboxone providers are available at all four of our New Jersey locations: Bridgewater, Brick, Lawrenceville, and Livingston.

Learn more about Adult Substance Abuse Programs here.

Transportation can be accommodated for most NJ residents. All private insurances are accepted.

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