Military PTSD & Suicides

“9/11 changed the picture of PTSD, and transformed it from being simply a mental disorder that psychiatrists deal with to a public health issue.” Bridgewater, N.J. (September 11, 2013) – According to the National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), “Overall, men have higher rates of suicides than women. For example, in 2005 the suicide rate among U.S. males was 23.19 per 100,000, compared to 5.65 in females. This difference between men and women is also true among veterans.” Going through a traumatic situation can cause someone to commit suicide. Studies also show that suicide risks are higher in PTSD cases. Victims of PTSD hardly ever recognize that there is an issue and will tend to have certain styles of coping with stress that allows them to withhold their true feelings. “Research suggests that for veterans, the strongest link to both suicide attempts and thinking about suicide is guilt related to combat.” Many veterans have disturbing flashbacks that cause extreme guilt about their actions that they performed while at war. These thoughts have the potential to overwhelm the veteran and make it impossible for them to deal with the intense feelings. 50% of those with PTSD do not seek treatment GenPsych, P.C., provider of top quality outpatient psychiatric and substance abuse services, stresses the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The Military Program at GenPsych offers treatment specifically designed for the unique needs of those on active duty in all branches of military service. Our specially trained staff uses evidenced-based treatments approaches that are based on the guidelines created by the Center for Deployment Psychology. We offer specialized programming that focuses on the common distresses that many of our military are faced with, such as insomnia, anxiety, Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anger and feelings of isolation. The groups offer a safe place where our service members join together, get support and understanding and begin to heal through the compassion offered by the staff and one another. For more information on GenPsych’s revolutionary Military programs, visit: For more information on PTSD and suicides visit:


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