Lawrenceville Now Offering Anxiety/Trauma Track

GenPsych is pleased to offer our co-ed Anxiety Disorder/Trauma track at our Lawrenceville location.

The Anxiety Disorders and Trauma track will be available to those in our Adult Psychiatric Program.

This track is designed to assist clients with a trauma history and who will benefit from Stage 2 Trauma treatment  and process oriented work, including military, police, corrections officers, and first responders.

Our program educates clients to:

  • Maintain safety

  • Manage anxiety and trauma (complex, PTSD, single, and multiple events) symptoms

  • Improve social and self-interactions

  • Enhance balance, presence, and control in their daily lives

The Anxiety/Trauma Track incorporates mindfulness approaches, DBT and CBT skills, and psychoeducation on the function and management of symptoms and of perfectionist traits.

The overall treatment of trauma and anxiety at GenPsych is geared toward the integration of learned strategies, personal strengths, and cognitive modifications to serve clients in the re-initiation of the life journey process, which is often stunted when these symptoms are intensified and/or misunderstood.

Services include:

  • Bio-Psycho-Social Assessment

  • Individual Psychotherapy

  • Group Process & Psychotherapy

  • Medication Management

PC and IOP programs available Monday through Friday for 3 to 5 days per week.