June is PTSD Awareness Month—Treatment Can Help and Recovery is Possible

By: Catherine Wetzell MA LPC, Lawrenceville Program Director.

June is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Month and an opportune time to challenge your beliefs about PTSD – treatment can help and recovery is possible.

Damage from this disease is widespread–one in five wartime veterans suffers from PTSD.

PTSD has the ability to slowly destroy social and family life, impede job performance, create marital and family discord, and hinder healthy parenting. In fact, statistics show that divorce among military couples is at an all-time high while the suicide rate among returning veterans is at an astonishing 22 deaths per day!

Active military duty brings unique challenges, sacrifices and stresses to service members and their families. It’s not uncommon for military members to feel anxiety, depression, or other negative emotions related to deployment, service or combat–and sometimes these feelings can be hard to manage.

GenPsych Lawrenceville runs a highly effective Military ½ day Partial Care Program for active duty military members who require a higher-level of care than the traditional outpatient therapy typically available to them on base. The program focuses on recovery from post-deployment PTSD and includes process therapy groups, individual therapy, psychiatric medication management, Military Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and more.