I Don’t Want Anyone To Know I Am in Rehab

Suffering from Addiction

GenPsych March 2018

One of the most challenging issues of addiction and getting professional help to achieve sobriety is the feeling of shame. Many people feel that suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol means you’re weak or have failed as a person. The worst part of this self-blame is it can stop a person from getting the help that can change their lives. It is so important to face the problem of addiction with honesty and humility.

Reaching Out For Help with Drug and Alcohol abuse

In the teachings of AA and other support groups for those in search of recovery, there is the idea of “hitting rock bottom.” Most people don’t ask for help until they have exhausted every other avenue for their addiction. Once people can’t call on friends or family who have helped enable their addiction, and all their resources have been exhausted, they finally come to realize they can’t continue down the dangerous road of addiction and can and ask for help. Asking for help is not easy. Many people who consider rehab don’t want anyone to know they are in treatment. What should they do?

The truth is that addiction treatment is a private decision, and your path to recovery doesn’t have to be made public. The reason it’s called Alcoholics Anonymous is that it’s easier to deal with a painful issue like an addiction if you know your privacy is safe.

If you need help recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you should seek help straight away, and keep this process private for as long as you need to. When the time comes, and you want to share, you can let friends and loved ones know about your journey, on your terms. Don’t let the fear of a lack of privacy stop you from getting help.

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