Holiday Depression

During the holiday season, are you singing holiday cheers and are you surprised that you don’t feel as joyous and celebratory as you usually do, or as you feel you should?

You could have the holiday blues. People who aren’t acquainted with depression are surprised when they feel melancholy or blue during the holiday season. These emotions seem so wrong and out of place at this time of the year.

The holiday blues are unsettling and for many people, unexpected. One of the strongest emotions you can feel with the holiday blues is a sense of guilt and disappointment. After all, the holidays are supposed to make us feel joyous and celebratory, not sad and melancholy. Many people feel that something must be wrong with them.

Here are a few of the different causes and triggers of holiday depression:

  • Expectations of the holiday that are too high for reality to measure up to.

  • Expectations for yourself during the holiday that are impossible to measure up to.

  • The commercialization of the season.

  • Sadness over the loss of a friend or family member.

  • Being with family or friends who you have issues with.

  • Dissatisfaction over what you don’t have materially.

  • Increased stress and more hectic lifestyle.

  • Lack of sleep and less-healthy nutrition.

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