GenPsych proudly introduces G.A.P.!

Our new, comprehensive program for children and teens

The GenPsych Adolescent Program (G.A.P.) is a 6-8 week treatment program for children and teens experiencing various mental health and behavioral issues.

Why 6-8 weeks?

The reason is simple: G.A.P. is designed to make your child succeed long-term and get them back to school.

With shorter lengths of treatment, individuals experience greater difficulty transitioning back to school and their daily life, and when their transition isn’t successful, they often require more time in treatment, ultimately missing more school. Our typical six-week program puts an end to that cycle and our multidisciplinary team works together to help your child succeed.

Teens and children learn while building social skills and gain the ability to manage symptoms in an academic setting.

The META Approach

Our “META” approach to treatment allows us to address each child’s needs while making the program fun!

Working as a TEAM

Each child will have a comprehensive treatment team meeting in order to review their progress and plan for their transition out of treatment. This meeting will include your child’s psychiatrist or APRN, therapists, GenPsych program teachers, parents and family members, school representative, and any other supportive services your child may have to ensure communication and continuity of care.

For more information on G.A.P., visit our GenPsych Adolescent Program page or call (855) 436-7792.