Causes of Depression

Bridgewater, N.J. (August 9, 2013) – When you are suffering from depression, it interferes with your everyday life and causes uncontrollable pain for yourself and those around you.

The origin of depression can be situational and/or chemical. There are many basic life situations and complications that can lead someone into a deep bio-depression; these situations include:

  • Financial Struggles

  • Family Life

  • Death of a loved one

  • Stress

  • Genetics/Hereditary

  • Loss of employment

  • Low self-esteem

Many people who suffer from depression will not seek treatment because they do not recognize that there is a major problem. The majority of people who have a severe case of depression seek help through medications and therapy.

GenPsych, PC, provider of top quality outpatient psychiatric and substance abuse services, stresses the importance of a healthy lifestyle. GenPsych offers a Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Program which is a structured therapeutic treatment that emphasizes balance between acceptance and change. DBT helps reduce impulsive behaviors, such as suicidality, self-harm, substance abuse, eating disordered behavior, aggression, isolation, rumination, dissociation, anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

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