Are you drinking too much alcohol?

How much alcohol (content) are you drinking?

GenPsych April 2018

The old saying is a pint of beer, shot of alcohol, and a glass of wine all count as one drink.

The new craze today is Craft beer and you should know what you are consuming. The alcohol content in Craft beer in most cases is much higher than that of traditional beer. Some craft beers can have an alcohol content as high as 20 percent.

Let’s look at the differences between the three types of alcohol mentioned earlier.

Alcohol in Hard Liquor

Most of the usual types of alcohol such as whiskey, vodka or gin usually have an alcohol content of 40 percent. a shot of this type of alcohol is measured at 1.5 ounces. The size and percentage of alcohol content in this category are pretty consistent.

Alcohol in Beer

The popular breweries we are all familiar with such as Budweiser, Miller and Heineken fall into an average around 4.2 percent alcohol content. As previously mentioned, most craft beers contain a higher percentage.

There is actually a craft beer which has an alcohol percentage of 65 percent. If you consume three craft beers in the fifteen percent alcohol range, it’s the equivalent to drinking ten regular beers.

While the average alcohol content of craft beer is 5.9 percent. At the same time, there are many heavier beers which can have as much as 20 percent alcohol. Most breweries will list the alcohol content on the bottle or can, it’s a good idea to pay attention and find out what you are consuming when drinking craft brews.

Alcohol in Wine

When it comes to wine, the standard serving of alcohol is considered 14 grams. Most wine is usually around 12 percent alcohol, which is roughly equal to five ounces.

The alcohol content of wine does not vary as much as craft beer, but there are differences you need to be aware of. A California Zinfandel is usually right at the average at 12 percent alcohol. Other types of wine such as a port could have as much as 20 percent alcohol content. This is why port wine is usually served in three-ounce portions. If you were to drink port wine, in the serving size of a zinfandel, you would be consuming nearly two drinks instead of one.

Keep Track of your Drinks

It could get confusing to keep track of exactly what you are consuming. confusing. Luckily, The National Institutes of Health provides a calculator to help you keep track.

Knowing exactly how much alcohol you drink, is an easy and smart first step to staying in control of your alcohol consumption.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment NJ

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