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Welcome to GenPsych!

GenPsych is dedicated to helping children, adults, and their families restore and maintain emotional and physical health outside of a hospital setting.

Our Approach

At GenPsych, we realize the importance of keeping people in their lives and homes while providing them with convenient and effective psychological services and support.

We pride ourselves in providing care that is second to none. We have an elite team of physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologists, licensed social workers and professional counselors, licensed substance abuse counselors, art and music therapists as well as numerous support staff available to attend to your needs.

We offer psychiatric evaluations, medication protocols, substance abuse treatment, group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy at all our locations.

Participants of our program will have the opportunity to attend cognitive, psychodynamic, vocational, art, educational, and relaxation groups. Weekly individual therapy sessions, family meetings, and medication monitoring are also offered.

Practice News

NJ Treatment for School Anxiety / School Refusal

January 23, 2015

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, school refusal describes the disorder of a child who refuses to go to school on a regular basis or has problems staying in school.

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Self Harm Treatment in NJ through DBT

January 16, 2015

Self harm refers to the direct, deliberate, self-inflicted damaging of a moderate or superficial amount of bodily tissue performed without social sanction and without the intention to die. It can present as cutting, burning, punching oneself, head banging, pulling hair out, scratching and picking scabs. 13% of high school students, 8% of 6th-8th graders and 11-17% of college students have engaged in some form of self-harm.

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Managing Trauma, Attachment Issues and PTSD

January 5, 2015

Managing trauma issues, attachment issues, and triggers resulting from complex and single trauma events is a great challenge, often not understood, and most of the time labeled as ‘unexpected experience’ when from ‘out of nowhere’ (which is never really accurate, there are always reasons for something coming up and for something happening) something comes that can potentially disrupt our lives. Here are some organized and explained tips to use to protect our self or ‘our system’s’ integrity, and the quality of our lives. There is little we can or could have done to prevent certain things from happening and certain outcomes, but how we manage what we are facing – that becomes our responsibility.

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